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 The Connectivity Business team is dedicated to making the 2022 event safe and the best experience possible for all participants. Attendees will be able to connect through multiple channels, in-person, and through the event app, to maximize your ability to connect with all participants. You can view our health and safety protocols here. Networking opportunities will be made available to all participants through the event app. Registered attendees will have access to the event platform for up to 30 days after the conclusion of the event. 

What you and your team can expect from the Connectivity Business Summit Event Experience:

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It’s the engagement you feel at an event that makes it worthwhile, that is why attendees will be able to connect and participate through multiple channels during the event. Attendees will be able to participate in live polls during the sessions, ask a question, connect with attendees through chats, and connect with our Sponsors – all these features will be available through the Connectivity Business event app.  

The Connectivity Business event app is not only for when you are onsite but can be used leading up to the event and even after the event. Start a chat with an attendee or Sponsor and schedule a time to meet up, this can take place onsite or virtually through the Video Chat feature inside of the event app.  

The Connectivity Business event app will be available to access through your web browser or on your mobile device, so no matter where you are connecting from you will have the event at your fingertips!